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We fuel the Carbon Neutral Future

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Our Mission

Our Mission

We provide the Web3 Marketplace for Carbon Neutral Fuels,  corresponding investments, and carbon credits.
Co-owned by buyers, producers, and investors

Our Challenge

Our Challenge

The CO2 emissions reduction requires acceleration, for instance in mobility:

Image by Alexander Popov

1.5 billion cars

Image by Robin Sommer

and 1.5 trillion liters fossil fuel per year

Global Temperature Change 1880-2021 SDWX_edited.jpg

Global Temperature Change | 1880-2021 | @Scottduncanwx

Fossil Fuels from across all use cases account for about 84% of global energy production.

This corresponds to about:


The mobility electrification push is NOT enough as the global existing internal combustion engine fleet remains a major contributor to CO2 footprint for the foreseeable future. Therefore...

What we do

We build the Digital Layer to scale CNF

We connect Producers, Buyers, Investors and ...




  • Buy CNF for own use or

  • Donate to compensate with instant impact

Digital Twin:

  • Proof of Green & Carbon Credits  



Incentivize early adopters with Ecosystem Tokens, which capture value & make them co-curators & co-owners, building community via racing & more strategic partners

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Provide investment opportunities that matter for CNF Ecosystem & Infrastructure ventures, e.g. production plants

How we do it

The Rationale

1. CNF are the best solution to capture renewable energy in places with abundance and make it available where needed

Image by Keith Hardy
Image by Takashi Miyazaki

2. Renewable energy is used to turn CO2 into Carbon Neutral Fuel 

3. CNF is then used to transport energy from renewable sources around the globe

Image by Ethan Cull

Each liter CNF has an immediate direct impact and avoids around 2.4 kg CO2 + additional supply chain emissions

Who we are

Our Partners


Fuel-Swap Contributors

Dr. Oliver Krause

Strategy | Token Economy | Business & Ecosystem Dev.

Experience as Entrepreneur | Advisor | Investor

Martin Popilka

CNF & Sustainability | Business Development

Experience as CEO | Founder

Peter Milan Trapp

Strategy Product | User Experience

Experience as Entrepreneur | Sustainability Expert

Frederik Eilers

Automotive Industry Expert | Advisor

Experience as Strategy Consultant

Moritz Stumpf

Technology Architect | Tokenization

Experience as Founder | Consultant | Technology Architect

Diana K. Himmelreich

UX|UI Design

Experience as Architect Designer | Sustainability

Maximilian Gutsche

Co-Founder of futurebrains

Core Contributor Tokenomics DAO

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